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Female Vibrators

A brief guide to male and female vibrators.

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Female vibrators come in all different shapes and sizes, and it can often be a very daunting task when trying to decide what type of vibrator to purchase. The smallest and most unassuming vibrators are bullets, or mini vibrators. These vibrators are usually quite small in size, but pack a lot of power. Bullets and mini vibrators are designed for external stimulation, and are a favorite of females who have never had a vibrator before, or prefer direct clitoral stimulation.

The next step are personal massagers, these vibrators often do not resemble phallic shaped vibrators at all. They are usually quite powerful and are designed to be used for body massage as well as intimate massage, and canbe a great choice for female’s who doesn’t like the look of traditional vibrators.

Full size female vibrators are generally designed for insertion, but can be used for external stimulation as well. Vibrators are often phallic in shape, but vibrator design has come a long way since the 1980’s, and we are seeing many contemporary female vibrator designs emerging that are functional objects d’art.

The g-spot vibrator is designed specifically with a female’s anatomy in mind, as they will have a slight curve to them to enable direct stimulation of the front of the vaginal wall. The g-spot is an area in females that is located approximately 3 inches inside the vagina, males are also reported to have a spot similar (often referred to as the p-spot) and g-spot vibrator is an excellent way to stimulate this.

Dual action vibrators are by far the most famous and best selling female vibrator, and were made famous by the girls from sex and the city. The rabbit vibrator, as it’s often referred to, is designed to provide both vaginal and clitoral stimulation simultaneously. Some dual action vibrators will have a beaded or rotating shaft, and are a great option for females who are experienced at using vibrators.

Eggs are another popular female vibrator, as the name suggests they are egg shaped and are a favorite of females who prefer a much deeper vaginal stimulation. Many of these vibrators have a cord with power adjustment switch or are available in remote control.

Dildos are often referred to as a vibrator, but aren’t a vibrator at all. Dildo’s are designed for insertion and internal stimulation but are non-vibrating, these are the most common type of toy used in strap-on’s.

Couples rings, also referred to as love-rings or cockrings, aren’t designed to be worn by females, but as many have a little vibrator attached deserve a mention. These are worn by the male around the base of the penis (or both penis and behind the scrotum), the main purpose is to enhance the length and strength of male erection. These come in two types vibrating & non-vibrating, the former usually has a little bullet attached to the top for female pleasure.

Prostate Vibrators aren’t for females at all, but are designed to stimulate the prostate, or male ‘g-spot’. When massaged can create an incredibly intense orgasm. It is located just inside the rectum and can easily be felt with a finger exam.

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