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Adult Sex Toys

Are adult toys right for you? How to choose the perfect sex toy.

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Many adults wonder whether adult sex toys are a good choice to introduce to their lovemaking, and which toy to choose. Quite simply, adult sex toys are meant to be fun, so as long as you don’t take it all too seriously you won’t be disappointed!

Choosing the right adult sex toy can be a very daunting task, especially if you’ve never tried one before, so we hope to shed a little light on the subject and demystify sex toys so you can make the right choice. With such a vast array of sex toys on the market, and not all are straight forward in their usage so it pays to arm yourself with a little knowledge before you begin shopping for the perfect toy. If you have never had a sex toy before, we recommend starting off with something small. For women, we recommend a little bullet or mini vibrator such as the Lelo Mia or Nea. These toys are small in size and unassuming, and are used primarily for external stimulation and a perfect introduction into the world of adult sex toys. For couples a ‘couples ring’, otherwise known as a cockring, is a fantastic sex toy to start out with. Couples rings are a stretchy sex toy that is designed to be worn around the base of the penis (some can fit around both penis and scrotum) to enhance his size and endurance. We highly recommend couples rings such as Lelo’s Bo or Tor, these are rechargeable and have a little vibrating bullet so that the woman will get the benefit of added stimulation. Couples rings are an easy way to introduce an adult sex toy to your lovemaking because they aren’t phallic shaped, many women who are shy about trying a sex toy are open to the idea.

Many adult women find it difficult to climax on their own or through penetration alone, and a sex toy can be a wonderful asset to their sex life. Vibrators come in many different sizes, from modest to large, curved for g-spot stimulation, and dual action sex toys like the rabbit; which provides both clitoral and vaginal stimulation simultaneously. For those wanting a much deeper vaginal stimulation, there are eggs which are a sex toy that is inserted and worn internally. More recently couples toys like the We-Vibe, or Lelo Tiani which is a toy that is designed to be worn by the woman during sex providing stimulation to both the clitoris and g-spot.

There are also a variety of adult sex toys for men, ranging from beads (which many women also find pleasurable), stroker’s for masturbation, and a variety of sex toys designed for stimulating the P-Spot near the gentleman’s prostate like plugs and men’s vibrators.

The most important thing when experimenting with adult sex toys is to remember to keep a sense of humor, have fun, keep your toy impeccably clean, play safe and don’t forget the lube!

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